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Abs Payment Agreement

ABSi offers the following payment alternatives: If you are entitled to a work-related sickness allowance, this is in the form of a basic treatment (abs-offset) and a basic treatment (abs-payment). This relates directly to the hours (or days) you have taken as sick leave. 2. PAP Advanced Broadband Services Inc. offers customers a pre-authorized payment plan to pay monthly fees (PAP). Automatic monthly payments are withdrawn from a bank account. Payments are made within the first five working days of the month. Customers can register with PAP by contracting the “PAYMENT METHOD” part of the customer contract. An invalid cheque should be attached to the agreement. 5. Payment of the cheque can be made by cheque to Advanced Broadband Services Inc., and must be made in Canadian funds and obtained from a corresponding Canadian bank. Your account name must be shown on the surface of the cheque.

Checks that are not respected by the bank (NSF, payment freeze, etc.) result in a fee of $50. If you do not replace a returned cheque, this may result in your service being suspended. Customers who need more information should contact us. The services you subscribe to are prepaid until the due date on your bill. Advance payments made on your bill after the billing date will be taken into account on your next invoice. The amounts due on time are subject to a late interest tax, calculated at 1.5% per month and billed monthly. Depending on the length of the remaining balance to be liquidated, additional late fees will be charged. If it is necessary to separate a depending account, payment of the remaining balance, plus reconnection fees, is required before the service is restored. 1.

The pre-authorized monthly credit card payment can be made by Visa or MasterCard by the conclusion “PAYMENT METHOD” part of the customer agreement. The credit card number, CVS, expiry date and the name and signature of the cardholder are required to allow ABSi to process the payment. We are not able to take credit card information for pre-authorized monthly payments over the phone. Download the abSi customer agreement here, print out the contract, fill it out and fax the completed form to 1-604-685-4002, email and/or mail.