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Barfoot And Thompson Agency Agreement

When an agency contract ends, there may be a lock-in period. If, during this period, you sell your property to someone that the agent has introduced into your property, you may be charged a commission by the Agency. Evidence was provided that Meilan Zhang also used Vicky Zhang`s name, and the court agreed that the names related to the same person. The Court found that it was clear that the list of imported persons did not contain sufficient details that could be relied upon and that it was for the sellers to ask the buyers whether they feared that they had been brought into the property by Barfoots during the term of their agency. The Court also found that Mr. Chen`s name was on the list and that he was clearly a buyer. Your representative is legally required to provide you with a copy of the REA Agency Contract Guide before signing an agency contract. You must also receive your written confirmation that you have received it. A contract between the seller and the buyer for the sale and purchase of real estate. A land sale contract must be in writing and is a legally binding document.

The sales contract used by Barfoot & Thompson is the one approved by the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand and the Auckland District Law Society. There are 13 standard clauses in the purchase and purchase agreement. On the agreement form, there is room for additional clauses that can be added if necessary. When the first offer is made, a copy will be made available to the buyer. If the seller and the buyer have entered into negotiations and the sales contract has been signed and dated, the agreements are forwarded to both the seller`s lawyer and the buyer`s lawyer. You must declare that your agency has an internal complaints procedure for handling complaints and that the supplier can file a complaint with REA without first using your internal complaint procedure. If you wish to stop the marketing of your property, you must inform the Agency in writing. Ask the Agency to confirm in writing that all marketing has been stopped and removed.

Let the agency know, if you want to hear about them, if a buyer contacts them after marketing has been stopped. The terms of the original lease will be continued under the new owner. The new landlord must communicate to the tenant, within 10 working days of billing, their full name, contact address and address for the service if they differ from their contact address, where and how the rent is to be paid. You must attach a declaration of reductions, discounts or commissions that you receive and indicate the amount. They are not entitled to a supplier`s fees if this information is not included in the agency contract. It is customary for the seller to give the seller and the buyer copies of the agreement concluded. You then have documentation on when is the date of possession and the things that go with the property.