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Billing Agreement Que Es

If you have stored multiple cards in your PayPal account, you can change the card associated with the current settlement agreement here. You can also later change the funding source in your account PayPal under > Payments profile > manage HostPapa Inc.`s automatic payments > automatic payment > funding source. To approve the billing agreement, click the blue “Accept & Next” button. To pay your bill with PayPal, you need to set up a billing agreement. This allows you to activate the auto-recharge option with your PayPal account. To set up a billing agreement, please follow these steps: I have a store that sells magazines + other items. Currently, you sell individual or group items and download them with PayPal REST API. NOTE: If you set up the billing agreement, no payments are made, you only give your consent to use it for future payments. If you have unpaid invoices, these will not be automatically paid if you set up the billing agreement. You must go to My Account and manually place the payment on your invoice using the billing agreement as a payment method. 5. A pop-up window opens asking you to log in to your PayPal account.

4. Click the Add button PayPal billing agreement. I can`t see a list of acceptable frequencies – is “Annual” an option? 7. . . .