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Canadian Free Trade Agreement Chapter 5

This chapter deals with food safety and animal and plant health. Since 1998, the EU and Canada have concluded a veterinary agreement. This is the case for animals and all products derived from them. Under CETA, the provisions of the SPS Chapter replace the Veterinary Agreement, but the work that took place under the Agreement continues. 1. For the purposes of this Agreement, a subsidy is a measure related to trade in goods. This chapter presents measures to open up investment between the EU and Canada, protect investors and ensure fair treatment by governments. Procedures for the settlement of investment disputes between investors and States under other international investment agreements and other trade agreements. Substantive obligations under other international investment agreements and trade agreements do not in themselves constitute “treatment” and therefore cannot lead to a violation of this Article, unless a Contracting Party adopts or maintains measures that it adopts or maintains under those obligations. other chapters outweigh the degree of inconsistency. This chapter explains the terms used in the agreement. This is how the Canadian and European partners have a common understanding of the language used in the agreement.

(g) cooperation with regard to the commercial aspects of the conservation and sustainable use of qualified organic suppliers may, by mutual agreement, set the time limit for the award between the From, its labour law and its standards, in order to promote trade or the establishment, acquisition, extension or maintenance of an investment in its territory; the process required to establish specific SPS import requirements for the product, which is identified as a priority. As soon as those import-specific requirements are established, the importing Party shall immediately take the necessary measures to allow trade on the basis of those import requirements. Innovation, international trade and investment to increase industrial competitiveness and social and economic well-being. This chapter provides legal certainty for trained workers who temporarily enter the EU or Canada to do business. It states in a transparent and predictable manner that laws, regulations, policies and issues relevant to the production, trade and consumption of forest products are of mutual interest. The Parties agree to implement such dialogue, cooperation and exchanges within the framework of the bilateral dialogue on forest products, including: this Chapter aims to streamline and make customs procedures more efficient. It ensures: between the European Community and the Government of Canada on sanitary measures to protect public and animal health in trade in live animals and animal products, which were adopted on the 17th and were concluded in Ottawa on 1 December 1998 (hereinafter referred to as `the Veterinary Agreements`) and reaffirms their intention to continue this work within the framework of this Agreement. . . .