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Data Processing Agreement Duration

A. The data exporter agrees that these clauses constitute confidential information of the data importer, as defined in the agreement, and cannot be disclosed to third parties by the data exporter without the prior written consent of the data importer, unless the agreement permits. This does not preclu her disclosure of these clauses to a person concerned, in accordance with paragraph 4, point h), or to a supervisory authority referred to in paragraph 8. Authorization: Customer data is stored in storage systems that are only accessible to customers through application user interfaces and application programming interfaces. Customers do not have direct access to the underlying application infrastructure. The licensing model for each of our products is designed to ensure that only assigned people can access relevant features, views and customization options. The registrations are authorized by checking the user`s permissions based on the attributes assigned to each record. When the processor assigns processing activities to a subcontractor, it should only use processors with sufficient safeguards, including expertise, reliability and resources, to implement technical and organizational measures that meet the requirements of this regulation, including for processing security. members: identifiers and contact information (name, address, title, contact information, username); Financial information (credit card data, account data, payment information) Employment information (employer, job title, geographic location, area of expertise); The personal data transmitted is subject to the following essential processing activities: e.

If, at the end of the Cure period, the data importer is unable to remedy non-compliance or cannot remedy the data breach, the data exporter may suspend and/or terminate the relevant portion of the services in accordance with the provisions of the contract without liability of any of the parties (without prejudice to the costs incurred by the data exporter prior to suspension or termination). The data exporter is not required to provide such a notification if it believes that there is a significant risk of harm to the individuals concerned or their personal data. B. Controller instructions. The parties agree that the agreement (including this DATA authority) and your use of the subscription service, in accordance with the agreement, constitute your complete and definitive instructions regarding the processing of personal data, and additional instructions outside the scope of the instructions require prior written agreement between us and you.