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Disagreement Storyboard

Act 2: Conflict is a kind of disagreement between the characters, either internal, external or interpersonal. This is probably where most of the story would develop. If you pass through your storyboard, you will be able to draw a story that follows a clear path through the ideas you have imagined. If you do, remember: in short, a storyboard is a graphic representation of how your video will unfold. It consists of a series of cells with illustrations or images that represent each shot with notes on what is going on in the scene and what is said in the scenario during this recording. The initial question that was asked was: “How do principals deal with difficult people?” Maybe that`s the kind of question asked by a principal or an assistant principal who has a master`s degree in education. To draw your storyboard, you must have already read something, and this will help you if you have thought about this reading or if you have done a brainstorming. Each brand has the opportunity to create these links through stories, but it doesn`t just happen. It requires a defined target audience, a way to contact them, creating attractive content that introduces your brand, defines the problem you solve, and a common solution to this problem. Configuration, conflict, solution. From blockbuster movies to friends who tell their weekend adventures, all good stories have one thing in common: they follow the same three-act structure. Not only the beginning, the center and the end, but the purpose they serve as an institution, conflict and resolution. There is a time and place to have a raw Instagram story that gives people a look behind the curtain in your business, but your time, energy and resources are much better served if you plan your stories according to your brand`s goals and priorities.

It`s not necessarily Hollywood, but the ability to control the message your audience sees is worth it. Take a template, sketch a story, and give your audience as much value as you receive it.