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Hosting Services Agreement Uk

The service provider provides the client with hosting services and makes at least reasonable efforts to maintain the availability of services for the duration of the contract, subject to planned maintenance. The customer grants the service provider the right to store and process the data provided by the customer and gives the service provider guarantees as to the legality of that data. The agreement contains clauses relating to the processing of personal data in order to support compliance with EU and UK data protection rules (including the General Data Protection Regulation or the RGPD). Optional clauses include the implementation of accommodation services, the provision of helpdesk-based assistance, compensation for the protection of one or both parties. The Terms of Use specify the terms and conditions of use of the Site and Services. This hosting service contract regulates their use of GoDaddy Hosting Services. The wholesale terms that are used in this service contract but are not defined are defined in the agreement. The standard version of this agreement assumes that the hosting service provider hosts a particular website or website instead of providing hosting capacity; On the other hand, the Premium version assumes that the client has access to hosting resources and that he has some freedom in choosing the use of these resources. In addition to the standard agreement clauses, the Premium agreement includes an availability ALS. This addendum of 3 May 2018 (the addendum) amends the terms and conditions of sale between Easyspace Limited (in England under the enterprise number 03405586) as Hosting UK (“Hosting UK”) and you (“Controller”) and all other agreements between the parties (the “Contract”). To the extent that this addition is not compatible with the terms of the agreement, the terms of this addition are given priority.

Apart from that, as stated here, the terms and definitions mentioned in it have the same meaning as those indicated in the agreement. This document is only suitable for the provision of accommodation services to businesses.