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International Student Acceptance And Payment Agreement

You will receive an email notification if we have received your consent. This is our preferred method of payment and is a fast and secure method that allows us to get your payment in Australian dollars, while offering you the convenience of paying in your own currency. Due to the cosvid-19 situation, travel restrictions to Australia are currently in effect. To begin your studies, you will need the authorization of your faculty and a valid visa to begin your online research degree, unless you are enrolled in an international phD and start at the international partner institution. Congratulations, you`re just ready to launch your UCIC program. Your first day at UCIC starts on the orientation and registration date. It is mandatory for all students to participate in orientation and registration. You will find information about the program under orientation and registration. If you do not have this authorization, please do not fulfill your consent, as you do not have an approved and designated launch date for confirmation of your registration and you can only apply for a visa when the travel restrictions have been lifted. To make the payment via BPAY, call your bank, credit union or credit union to make the payment from your cheque or savings account. You will find the biller code and reference in your letter of offer – section 4 (payment details and invoice). Don`t forget to submit Section 2 (acceptance form).

To pay by direct payment, please make sure that you make your payment through your favorite bank. SAIBT requires that a certified copy of the direct payment slip be e-mailed to or the original copy of the direct payment slip, which is sent to the AGENCY accreditation agency WITH SECTION 2 (acceptance form) and Section 4 (Payment Details and Invoice). Read the bank details of your offer letter. International students also receive confirmation of registration (CoE) for the student visa application. Students (Australian citizens only) may be eligible for THE EEF-HELP, a government loan program. The FEE-HELP can help students pay all or part of their tuition. Students eligible for the FEE-HELP will receive a “FEE-HELP Request for Assistance” form, along with their letter of offer. To guarantee their place at SAIBT, students must complete this form before the start of the semester and send it back to SAIBT. To make a payment through GlobalPay, please visit the Global Pay Payment website the amount owed must be made in Australian dollars. Upon payment, students must include their DEAKIN College Student ID, as stated in the letter of offer. Once Deakin College has received your payment and the student acceptance and payment contract, you will receive a receipt and confirmation of your deakin College enrollment containing information about the mandatory orientation and enrollment program. This is sections 2 and 3 of your offer letter, please make sure you understand this information, sign the contract and return with your payment.

Note: Among the 18 students, a tutor or guardian must be available before confirmation of registration can be issued for visa purposes. Australian law treats students under the age of 18 as minors and there is a special visa requirement for their welfare.