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Is There A Difference Between Agreement And Acceptance

In December 2013, I tried to help people accept each other, even if they disagree. Acceptance comes from a deeper place than the agreement – in fact, it offers the place where the agreement can develop. a negotiated and generally legally binding agreement between the parties on an approach These are precious words, Sandy! I talked about “acceptance does not mean approval” a few days before I read the article on your part. I knew it, but it`s only now that I realize how huge it is. When I saw that my two difficult situations , my husband and I, my daughter and I, when I kept thinking about her – they were both about me, mixing acceptance and consent. Even though I knew for a year. I still haven`t noticed how I mix them over and over again. So thank you for being here to remind you of something so important! Acceptance allows us to continue; The agreement holds us back as you have described it. Thank you for giving your excellent example! Accepting and accepting seems to be related, but there is a big difference between them. There can be many things that we can accept without being pleasant.

The difference is clear in the following article. We want to be this unique society of the kingdom within our secular culture that blesses those with whom we disagree and who may not agree with us. In this context, active love, demonstrated energetically, we can also highlight our differences. If we love as radically as we are given to love, it should only make the love we offer all the more meaningful and transformative. I don`t think me or Circle of Hope has always loved it in a transformative way – but we have it most of the time! Yet I`m sorry for all the times people have felt judgment, not love. People will invade us, satisfy us or never understand us, but I always hope that they will never leave us because they have rebounded our indifference or rejection. At the beginning of the year, I want to reissue the first 10 positions. On Fridays, I remind people of a few articles before 2014, that people have continued to read – there is a “top 10” of them! Here`s #9 In our cellular plan, we find that it`s a common mistake for people to assume they shouldn`t accept someone until they repent and change. Some Christians think that a person is not evangelized until he behaves properly! Some believers think they tolerate sin if they don`t agree with a human being`s decisions, but at the same time they respect, honor and accept them – even if the Bible calls us to be so generous! (cf. Titus 3:1-2; 1 Peter 3:15-16). If we apply acceptance and agreement as two different concepts, we could stop using the assumption as a form of disagreement and learn to better love those who are outside our boundaries of agreement.

A few weeks ago, I talked about a strategy I share with my clients to manage problems. It was about reacting rather than reacting. Today I wanted to share a tip that can be used to manage anger and/or stress (both often occur hand in hand). It is a question of identifying the difference between acceptance and agreement. Does acceptance for you sound like resignation? How do you give up what you want and accept something you don`t want? I am pleased to hear that Angelika`s powerful discussion about the difference between acceptance and agreement was exactly the memory you need to know how huge it is.