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Partnership And Cooperation Agreement Between The Eu And Singapore

This is an important step towards its entry into force, strengthening the EU`s economic relations and cooperation with Singapore and strengthening its presence in the rapidly growing South-East Asia region. 2. To this end, the parties are implementing their mutual cooperation on trade and investment, including through the free trade agreement. The aforementioned agreement is a specific agreement that enforces the trade provisions of the agreement and is an integral part of the overall bilateral relations and the common institutional framework under Article 43, paragraph 3. This publication is university and student exchanges between Singapore and Europe are active, as well as cooperation and exchanges between museums in Singapore and Europe. Singapore is also home to a large community of Europeans and many European cultural institutions are also well represented in Singapore. 1. The parties cooperate to ensure a balanced approach through effective coordination between the relevant authorities, including, where appropriate, in the areas of health, justice, home affairs and customs, with a view to reducing the supply, trafficking and demand of illicit drugs and the negative consequences of drug addiction for individuals and society as a whole. The parties will also cooperate to ensure more effective prevention of the diversion of precursor drugs.

3. Notwithstanding Article 9, paragraph 2, the parties can also complete this agreement by concluding specific agreements in all areas of cooperation within its scope. These specific agreements are an integral part of the overall bilateral relations under this agreement and are part of a common institutional framework. 14. Underlines the role of the Singapore-based Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) as the main instrument of cultural exchange between Asia and Europe; welcomes its role in addressing civil society concerns as an essential part of the discussions within ASEM; (2) Subject to available resources, cooperation can be provided by: PROTOCOL OF EXPLANATORY On 25 November 2004, the Council authorised the Commission to negotiate a Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (APC) with six ASEAN countries, including Singapore. Negotiations with Singapore began in October 2005 and were completed at the end of May 2013. Both parties signed the CPA in Singapore on October 14, 2013. The CPA with Singapore is the fourth “second generation” agreement with individual ASEAN countries signed after the agreements with Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. It will replace the current legal framework of the 1980 Cooperation Agreement between the European Economic Community and the Member States of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.