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Scada Agreement Vietnam

With effect from 28 February 2019, Circular No. 02 revises certain provisions of the Standard Electricity Approval Contract (ECA) and defines the procedure for the negotiation and execution of PDOs for grid-coupled wind projects in Vietnam.1 According to the new AA, when the failure of the electricity buyer leads to the termination of the ECA by the electricity seller, the amount of the termination is the damage (i.e. the actual and direct loss), which was created by the electricity seller until the “end of the term of the contract”. However, it is not entirely clear whether the “end of the contract term” covers the period up to the date of early termination of the NSA or to the end of the initial 20-year period of the ECA. Any interpretation may result in different legal implications and have a big difference when it comes to the amount of termination/indemnification. 32/2012/TT-BCT of the MOIT of 12 November 2012 on the procedure for the development of wind projects and model 2As for wind projects (“Circular No 32”). 3 EvN letter No 3078/EVN-KH of 25 June 2018 concerning the implementation of grid connection contracts for solar and wind projects in Vietnam. In addition, as a seller of electricity, with respect to solar electricity capture projects actually executed on the basis of solar electricity acceptance contracts (ECA) evN, 90 (ninety) days before CSB`s proposal, in accordance with Annex B of the ECA, the project company is required to submit to the EVN its draft procedures and procedures for commissioning and verification of receipt of the plant in accordance with the rules in force. the technical and technological standards of solar power plants, so that the parties can agree on the concrete CSB and calculate the power to be produced during the commissioning test of the plants. . . .