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Simple Tenancy Agreement Sample Ghana

You will also read why rental contracts are necessary and how to write a lease in Ghana. At the same time, you will find an example of a rental agreement. Ghana`s laws do not recognize ignorance. So if you are wrong, it means that the law is applied whenever it is needed. The possibility of facing a dispute explains why you should take the time to review a lease in Ghana. That`s not all, make sure you understand what is written in it before you sign. This contract may be renewed at the end of the lease period from which it is no longer applicable. The rent can then be checked by the landlord up or down. The tenant and the landlord can then decide by signing a new rental agreement whether the tenant-owner relationship should continue. Condition of the property – Do not commit without knowing the actual condition of the property. You can have the check carried out by a professional in addition to your physical visit. Report any problems you observe, then have your registration or repaired in the rental agreement before referring.

A sample of the lease in Ghana This agreement, including all annexes (if any), represents the entire agreement between the parties, which supersedes all previous negotiations, agreements and commitments regarding this lease. Any amendment to this Agreement must be made in writing and signed by each party. There are no agreements, insurances or guarantees, unless this is expressly stipulated in these rules and no rights are granted. Panda tip: laws change and you don`t want your entire agreement to be compromised by a change in the law that you knew nothing about. This mitigates the blow to such a situation. 1 Parties involved in the rental agreement – Ideally, there is a contractual agreement between two parties, in this case the landlord and the tenant. The full names of both should be clearly defined on the lease in Ghana with personal data. This may mean; their physical addresses, occupations, telephone numbers, relatives, marital status, nationality, etc. Such information will help you know who you are working with and in case of anything. It is important that you make sure that the person mentioned there is indeed the same person you are dealing with..

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