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Software License Agreement Plc

3.6. If the taker uses the software of other vendors that influences the operation of the Software, the Licensee hereafter acknowledges that this circumstance leads to the exclusion of any liability of the licensee to the licensee, including the loss of rights to claim damages from the licensee and to assert other claims against the licensee. Storware software (hereafter referred to as “software”), a work and computer program within the meaning of the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act of February 4, 1994, is protected by copyright, international copyright conventions and other international laws and conventions protecting intellectual property rights. All rights to the software are due exclusively to the licensee and are not subject to third-party rights. The software is intended to create backup, archiving, reproduction and data sharing copies. 4.3. The licensee hereafter acknowledges that the licensee is solely responsible for the software. The licensee cannot contact or report any claims to third parties whose software has been used in The Storware software. 3.1. The licensee may only use the Software in the manner specified in this Agreement. The licensee may not grant other licenses (sublicensings) to the Software or transfer, lease, lease or lend in any form, including leasing, leasing, borrowing or loan, for free or paid use of the Software (including its updates), and the corresponding documentation, when the taker uses the software at the same time.

The licensee may neither disseminate nor develop, in whole or in part, derivative works or computer programs on the basis of the software, unless the parties otherwise agree in a separate agreement. Before you start using Storware software, please refer to this cancellation software licensing agreement (the “agreement”). By accepting the content of the agreement, you accept the status of “licensee” and approve all the terms of the agreement. If the licensee does not accept all the provisions of the agreement, he cannot install the Storware software in full or in part. 7.1. The licensee must not allow third parties to access the information contained in the documentation associated with the software. The licensee must keep secret any information he has obtained for the use of the Software about the licensee or its activities. 5.2. Notwithstanding the termination of the contract covered in point 5.1, the licensee has the right to suspend the licensee`s use of the Software if the donor finds that the licensee flagrantly violates the provisions of this Agreement. 2.8.

Software-related technical assistance must be provided 24 hours a day. The response time is counted from the date of confirmation of receipt of a report by the licensee in accordance with point 2.9. The measures are implemented on an ongoing basis from the beginning of the elimination of an error until its effective withdrawal. 6.7. Under no circumstances should the licensee be responsible for data lost during the use of the Software or other adverse consequences for the licensee of the licensee`s use of the Software. licensees – a natural person engaged in a commercial activity, a legal entity or an entity without a legal personality who has legally acquired the Storware software and who, during its installation, confirmed its acceptance of the terms and conditions of this agreement in electronic form; 6.1. The licensee hereafter acknowledges that he is the only body responsible for the data whose copy was created with the use of the Software and accepts that the licensee is not responsible for the removal or failure to store content or other content that has been maintained or sent with the use of the Software.