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Ucl Agreement Of Consistent Treatment

Up to 25% of people have some form of neurodivergence, including dyslexia and dyspraxia, ADHD, and people with autism, including Asperger`s syndrome. If you want more information, UCL has a network of neurodivergent staff. If you`re not sure what makes neurodiversity, this is a good guide. In addition to presenting the experience of students with disabilities on campus, the Disabled Students` Officer holds monthly meetings where you can talk about your experience. You can find information about their events here. Geography as an office, field and laboratory discipline can lead to many challenges for students and staff with disabilities and neurodiverses. And it is our responsibility, as a department, to ensure that students and staff are not disadvantaged in the conduct of their studies or daily work. The inclusive project, launched by the Geography Discipline Network, houses a wide range of policies and case studies for students studying geography, land and environmental studies. The UCL disability equality websites contain important information on access to work, accessibility and IT assistance for people with disabilities, access to UCL buildings and specific learning difficulties. UCL has recently implemented the ACT: Consistent Processing Agreement, a tool for recording appropriate adjustments and flexible working arrangements between a staff member and his or her supervisor. Some employees may feel anxious when they ask for reasonable adjustments from their superiors – hopefully the ACT will allay this fear, as it is proof of UCL`s commitment to equality and inclusion. Similarly, some managers may be afraid to discuss topics they believe to be for the employee in person.

The ACT offers a model to facilitate such discussions of disability student services helping students with a number of disabilities, conditions and difficulties in the long and short term. General questions can be directed to or +44 (0) 20 7679 0100. You can also contact venitia Stoby, Director of the Disabled Student Service, directly. UCL Student Disability Services run a drop-in service from Monday to Friday, check their opening hours here and where to find them. Here you will find an overview of disability services assistance. The Disabled Students` Officer is the UCLU contact for students with disabilities. This position is currently civil servant by Louise Lee. Here you will find comprehensive information and instructions on disability and accessibility at UCL. Enable@UCL is a network of collaborators open to all disabled people working at UCL as well as to all non-disabled people who are interested in promoting equality for people with disabilities at UCL. .

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