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Vps Hosting Service Agreement

9.22. The company constantly monitors the customer`s server load. In this case, the company has the right to immediately suspend the client`s server if the client`s virtual VPS/VDS server causes an excessive burden on the host nodes, particularly if this results in a significant deterioration in the quality of services offered to other customers. If the cause of over-consumption of resources cannot be eliminated, the company may recommend that the client migrate to a dedicated physical server. In the event of a refusal, the company reserves the right to terminate the services provided to the customer and to terminate the contract due to the technical impossibility of continuing to provide services. The customer and the company agree that the company determines the consumption of the customer`s system resources using the company`s technical services. 5.13. All benefits must be paid by the account holder. If services are paid for by a third party, the account holder must notify in advance; We offer an uptime service guarantee of 99.9% (“Service Uptime Guarantee”) of the available time per month.

If we do not maintain this uptime service guarantee in any given month (as stipulated exclusively by us), you can contact us and claim a credit of 5% of your monthly hosting costs for that month. The credit can only be used for the purchase of other products and services from us and is allocated to all taxes. The uptime service guarantee does not apply to service interruptions caused by: (1) regular scheduled maintenance or repairs that we may perform from time to time; (2) Interruptions caused by you by creating custom scripts, coding or installing third-party applications; (3) Outages that do not affect the image of your website, but simply interfere with access to your website, such as ftp and email; (4) causes that are beyond our control or that are not reasonably foreseeable, including, but not limited to DDOS attacks and IP lists; and (5) reliability-related outages in some programming environments. 1.13. Dedicated virtual server VPS/VDS (Virtual Private Server/Virtual Dedicated Server) – a kind of hosting when a physical server is divided into several dedicated virtual servers, which in turn receive a rental to customers; VPS/VDS rates are EVO, FPS, OVZ, ML; 8.14. Any type of resale of the fastvps Eestis OR DNS support service (both direct password transmission and indirectly via the API) is prohibited; 1.5 Data Center – a special building for hosting (hosting) servers and communication equipment connected to Internet channels; Similarly, it is understood as a third-party company that provides services to the company, except in cases where its own computing center is underestimated. 1.14. Company – a legal entity (commercial company) FASTVPS Eesti O` which provides services under these contractual terms; 5.6. If the company is unable to provide the service indicated in Chapters 2 and 3 of this contract due to technical problems, emergencies or other objectively appropriate causes, the funds provided by the customer for the service are reimbursed to the customer in accordance with the order specified in this contract; 17.1.